Set up and run your store

Contents management

Discover how to create a powerful store. Enrich your store with lots of content, pages, blog posts and landing pages.

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Catalog management

Create your catalog uploading products and managing them in a organized way.

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Learn how to configure your domain on Storeden or how to buy a new one.

Theme management

The appearance is fundamental: find out how to manage Storeden themes and create a store craved by all your competitors.


Learn how to manage your store's orders, from creation to the final carrying out.


Configure, organize and manage your customers.


Discover how your customers evaluate your store and the products that you offer.


Find out how to set up the payment methods for your customers.

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Prepare your sale for pick-up at the store or to ship worldwide.

taxes and fees

Configure your store to be in good standing with taxes in every country where you decide to sell.

multi-lingual and translation

Why sell in one language? Increase your customer base by offering products in their language.


Learn how to manage the returns, wishing us that there are very few.