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App Market - PostFinance


The PostFinance app allows you to integrate the PostFinance Checkout service among the payment methods available in the eCommerce site.

The payment method will allow the site's customers to make order transactions through a redirect to PostFinance's customizable payment page.

Operating requirements

In order to use the system, you must have:

  • an account on PostFinance Checkout
  • the possibility to create a space for the eCommerce site on PostFinance
  • the possibility to create an application user on PostFinance
  • the possibility to activate webhook on PostFinance


If you don't have one yet, register an account on PostFinance Checkout.

Signup on PostFinance:

  1. Login on PostFinance
  2. Go to the Space section and create a space if you have not already done so.
  3. Follow the guided process to configure the space and enable the desired payment methods.
  4. Then, go to Account > Application users and create a new application user.
  5. Save the credentials provided when creating the new user, as they will be needed when configuring the Storeden app.
  6. Assign the space type role to the application user, specifying the previously created space.
  7. Configure the Storeden application fields as follows:
    • Enter the application user ID in the User ID field.
    • Enter the Space ID in the Space ID field
    • Enter the authentication key of the application user in the Secret field

The integration allows the update of deferred payments, i.e. payments for which the transaction is not completed immediately. To take advantage of this functionality you need to configure a webhook in your PostFinance account.

  1. On PostFinance, within the configured space, go to the Functions section and activate "Webhook".
  2. Then, navigate to the Space > Webhook section, URL tab and create a new webhook URL.
    In the "Url" field, copy the Webhook endpoint specified in the Storeden app page.
  3. Navigate to the Listener tab and create a new webhook listener.
    Select "Transaction" in the Entity field.
    Select the previously created URL in the "Url" field.
    In "Entity Status" select only the "Delivery" status.

If you want to test PostFinance in a sandbox environment, you can configure the elements (payment methods, etc.) in Sandbox mode directly on PostFinance.

In the Storeden app page it's therefore possible to set up two configurations with different User ID, Space ID and Secret (selectable from the Mode field): Sandbox and Production.
The names are purely for identification purposes.
The two modes do not change the standard behavior of the integration.

On the app page it's also possible to configure the payment method labels in the different languages enabled on the store, which will be displayed on the eCommerce site.

Payment services available at PostFinance

PostFinance offers the following payment methods integrated in the shop module:

  • American Express
  • PostFinance card
  • China Union Pay
  • Diners Club
  • Discover
  • Invoice MF Group
  • JCB
  • Mastercard
  • Mastercard Maestro
  • PayPal
  • PostFinance E-finance
  • Visa


For more information about PostFinance, we suggest contacting the service support directly.
PostFinance documentation:

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