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App Market - MailChimp Customers Sync


MailChimp Customers Sync allows you to automatically synchronize your newsletter subscribers list with a specific list on MailChimp.

To configure the application you need to enter a MailChimp API key and MailChimp list ID to synchronize with. After that, press Save.

On the main screen of the application you will then see reports about the content synchronized with MailChimp.

The synchronization process is incremental and is launched automatically once a day.
On the app page you can still launch it manually in mode:

  • incremental - Sync now button: only new customers registered on Storeden since the last sync occurred are considered and eventually synchronized.
  • complete - Complete sync button: all customers are considered and eventually synchronized. In the app page it is necessary that "update old customers" is selected in the On complete sync field.

Anyway, in both sync modes, if a customer has not accepted e-mail marketing on Storeden, he will not be synchronized in MailChimp list.

The synchronization process sends by default customer information for the following MailChimp fields: FNAME, LNAME, language, marketing permission e-mail (= true).

In the app page it's possible to map some additional Storeden customer information with MailChimp list fields (MailChimp "Address" fields are not supported).
To do that, just press Add in the mapping table, select the Storeden field and the corresponding field in MailChimp list on which to synchronize information.
Then press Save to save the configuration.


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