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Scheduler - automatic catalog management


Storeden makes it possible to automatically retrieve feeds from an HTTP or FTP address and process them.

This feature can be set to run at pre-established times or manually, via your online shop's dashboard.

Note: The scheduler feature isn’t available for all Storeden subscriptions. See which subscriptions include the scheduler.

To add a new feed to the scheduler, follow the steps below from your dashboard:

Ecommerce > Scheduler 

Then click “+ Add Feed”.

On the next page, there are three boxes where you’ll need to enter the information required for the system to process the feed.

Box: Feed Configuration

Enter the following parameters in this box:

  • Feed name: Enter the name to be displayed within the e-commerce site dashboard.
  • Type: Select the type of feed to process. Each type of feed has its own syntax and format. For more information on feed types, consult the dedicated section.
  • Import URL: Enter the absolute URL for the import: URLs can either be in http format (eg: or ftp (e.g.: The URL formats as shown above must be respected.

Box: Feed Authentication

This box should be filled in only if you are using an FTP URL.

In the appropriate fields, enter the username and password for the account for import, with read/write access for the path specified in the import URL.

Box: Summary

In this box, you can select whether or not to automatically process the feed (the start time for the procedure must be entered), or if to simply run a manual import.

If you are using an FTP address, you can activate the option to remove the file from the FTP serve once processed.


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