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Account security


Two-factor authentication (also called two-step authentication or multi-factor authentication) is a procedure that offers a higher level of security.

When you log into your shop's control panel, you need to complete two distinct steps:

Enter your email and password to login
Enter the code generated by the mobile app or use one of the backup codes.

With two-factor authentication, your account is more secure, as even if someone finds out your password, they won't be able to log in without the second authentication step.

Two-factor authentication is available to all users who manage a store.

It is not possible for the store owner to set up two-factor authentication for his team members.


How to enable two-factor authentication



  • Log into your shop control panel, then click on your name on the top bar
  • Click on Manage Two-Factor Authentication
  • On the screen, configure the access with the method: OTP application and follow the procedure that appears on the screen.
  • Generate backup codes and keep them safe, they can be used in case you don't have your smartphone at hand.

Note: Attention, the backup code can only be used once.


Once you have completed the above steps, you can click the Enable Two-Factor Authorization button. The system will then promptly ask you to enter an OTP code to confirm the account.

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