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eBay - General Settings


To be able to publish products on eBay, it is essential to complete a set of mandatory and optional settings. We'll take a look at:

General settings

  • Zip/postal code (a valid code is mandatory) and the PayPal e-mail address associated with the account (required)
  • Instant payment setting, if enabled for your eBay account
  • Payment methods that can be activated
  • Currency
  • Language: select the language to use for your listings (if your Storeden store has more than one). Product descriptions will be grabbed according to the selected language; you can choose not to publish products without a translation in the marketplace language.

Specific listing settings

Different prices for different eBay markets

Thanks to this configuration, you can set different product prices on different eBay country sites. Alternative prices are managed through product attributes. To proceed:

  1. Create product attributes. Product attributes must be a number with decimals. Check the Ecommerce > Attributes section to see if you have this feature.
  2. Enter the prices in the product page in the proper attribute fields. The price in the base currency of the store, or the price already converted to the final, second currency must be indicated:Schermata 2018-03-13 alle 12.53.04
  3. Here, match the attributes to the Settings > Listings section on eBay. If the initial price and final price are the same (e.g., there are no discounts), just use the same product attribute in the two fields. Conversely, if the initial price and the final price are different (e.g. if there is a discount), you will need to create two product attributes indicating the two different prices. The two attributes must then be correctly associated in this section. Schermata 2018-03-13 alle 12.03.27
  4. Select the "convert alternative prices" button if and only if, in the attribute fields, you have indicated the price in the store's base currency and not the already-converted price.

Other listing settings

  • Maximum number of product images sent per listing. Note that eBay fees vary with the number of images sent.
  • Listing content: this is the descriptive part of the listing, and can be generated using the model set (in the Models section), or, if present, using downloaded listing contents.
  • Unlimited quantities: this function lets you set the available quantity sent to eBay for products in your Storeden shop with unlimited quantities. This setting is useful to avoid sales restrictions or limits imposed by eBay.
  • End of listing: lets you choose what happens when products are sold out, disabled or deleted:
    • What to do if a product is sold out: continue to synchronize the listing normally or end it.
    • What to do if a product is disabled: continue to synchronize the listing normally or end it. Once enabled again, the listing will be visible.
    • What to do if the product has been removed from the catalog: the listing becomes an orphan, you can decide to leave it on Ebay or end the listing. Once the listing is ended, it will no longer be recoverable.

We advise terminating a listing only if the products will no longer be sold. Conversely, if a product is momentarily sold out, we recommend keeping the standard update.

Purchase offers

Purchase offers apply only to products that do NOT have variants. Moreover, this option can be activated only for some eBay categories. In this section, you will need to indicate:

  • to activate or deactivate the purchase offer;
  • whether to automatically accept offers equal to a certain minimum percentage indicated in this section, or not;
  • whether to automatically reject offers below a certain threshold indicated in this section, or not.

It is also possible to disable automatic acceptance/rejection. In this case, within your eBay account, you can from accept or reject the offers made by customers on a case by case basis.

Return policy

When selling on eBay, it is mandatory to provide a return policy. It must indicate the number of days within which users can request a return and the person to whom the cost will be charged. In addition, if the eBay site allows it, you can enter a return policy for the user to consult.

Shipping: domestic

Shipping costs are provided to eBay for each listing.

  1. Associate a Storeden shipping method with an eBay one
  2. The shipping cost will be calculated based on the shipping settings configured in Settings > Shipping on Storeden.
  3. You can choose to ignore any free shipping settings.

You must specify at least one domestic shipping method. It is possible to associate multiple domestic shipping profiles by clicking the "+ Add domestic shipping" button.

Even for shipping, you can set a specific eBay price if you want to differentiate the cost between your Storeden shop and the marketplace. In this case, instead of the price calculated by Storeden, the price entered in the product's relative attribute will be sent.

Shipping: international

  1. Associate a Storeden shipping method with an eBay one
  2. The shipping cost will be calculated based on the shipping settings configured in Settings > shipping on Storeden.
  3. You can choose to ignore any free shipping settings.

It is possible to associate more international shipping profiles by clicking the "+ Add international shipping" button.

Exclusion of countries and/or brands

  • Countries where the purchase of a given item is not allowed
  • Brands whose products cannot be published. In the event that a brand is deactivated following the publication of a product, the product must be manually terminated by going to Synchronizations> Insertions > Insertions at the top right and clicking "End Listing".

Orders: countries managed and synchronization

From the Configurations > Orders section, you can select the origin of the orders that are imported into the connected store.

If no country is selected, all orders, no matter their country of origin, will be downloaded to the current store.

Merchants with Storeden Enterprise accounts may want to select the reference orders to download for each store.


From this section, you can enable order status synchronization, with statuses sent by Storeden to eBay. If an order is set to "Shipped" in Storeden, Storeden communicates this status change to Ebay. You can also decide whether to send the shipment tracking number, when present.


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