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Dynamic variables


Dynamic variables are elements that are inserted in the emails' texts and are replaced with the real customers' data during the email's dispatch. The dynamic variables are inserted into braces and are useful for customizing the emails to be sent to the customer.

You can find the dynamic variables that can be used for each email within the email template, in the summary of the right column.

Let's see below the dynamic variables present in the email templates and the real data that are replaced during the sending phase:

{store-url} : store url

{store-picture} : store logo

{store-title} : store name

{buyer-name} : buyer's name

{order-id}  : order id

{order-day} : order date

{order-time} : order time

{order-shipping-method} : type of shipping method selected

{order-payment-method} : type of payment method selected

{iban-text} : IBAN, recipient, swift code

{coupon-text} : coupon code

{customer-cart-message} : message for the merchant

{shipping-details} : shipping details

{products-table-complete-images} : details of the product/s purchased

{shipping-message} : shipping data

{billing-message} : billing data

{order-link} : order link

{qapla-tracking-url} : tracking order link

{url-conditions} : terms and conditions link

{url-privacy} : privacy policy link

{} : link to go back on the abandoned cart

{gift-user} : user's gift card name

{gift-value} : gift card value

{gift-code} : code for redeeming the gift card

{gift-message} : message for the gift card's recipient

{login-url} : login link

{order-link} : link for redeeming the gift card

{follow-store-link} : link for following the store in the Storeden marketplace

{request-date} : date on which the password reset was requested

{request-time} : time on which the password reset was requested

{user-email} : user's email

{reset-url} : link for password recovery

{order-date} : order date

{rma-url} : url to verify the RMA

{rma-note} : notes regarding the RMA

{rma-instructions} : RMA instructions

{details-to-user} : details for the user

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