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Template email settings


In this section, you can personalize the emails that are automatically sent to your customers when an order is placed or set to a specific status. Storeden email templates are divided according to the topic. We'll look at the below emails in more detail:


Order management emails

  • new order email is automatically sent by the system when the order is confirmed (when the user clicks "Conclude Order" during checkout).
  • A payment order email is automatically sent by the system when users selects payment by credit card or PayPal and the payment is completed successfully. Order payment emails are also sent when an order is manually set to "Paid" from the orders section, for all orders that are paid by bank transfer or by cash on delivery.
  • An order preparation email is automatically sent when the merchant sets the order status to "in preparation".
  • A 'order shipped' email is automatically sent when an order is set to the Sent status, i.e. when the courier has actually picked up the parcel at the warehouse.
  • A canceled order email is automatically sent when the order is set to "Canceled".
  • An abandoned cart email is sent automatically after a set amount of time from the cart being abandoned. From the Marketing > Abandoned cart section, you can set the frequency with which the automatic recovery email should be sent to the customer.
  • A gift card email is sent when a user purchases a new gift card from your site.
  • A new manual order email is sent when you manually prepare a new order from the backoffice for a customer. The customer will receive the order summary with a direct link to proceed with the payment.

User management emails

  • A user registration email is automatically sent when a new user registers on your site.
  • A password change email is automatically sent when the user requests a password change for his/her account.  

RMA management emails

  • A new return request email is automatically sent to the customer when he/she opens the request for a new return directly from your site.
  • A 'return accepted' email is sent automatically when the status of the return request is set to Accepted.
  • A 'return denied' email is sent automatically when the status of the return request is set to Denied. Clicking on each email, you can modify and customize the email template sent to the final customer.

Using dynamic variables in brackets (e.g. {store-title}), you can personalize the content of the email. These items are automatically generated by the system using customer data (name, order code, order total, etc.).

For more information regarding dynamic variables, click here.

In the summary on the right-hand side, you can also insert recipients. This function lets you add  e-mail addresses (which can administer/manage the store) that should receive a copy of the e-mail sent to the customer. Email addresses entered here are in addition to the contact email address entered in the Settings > General > Contact Email section.

From the Settings > Template Emails section, you can click the Settings button at the top right to disable the automatic delivery of certain emails to the store's administrator or to end clients, such as new, paid, and sent order emails. You can also manage the sending address for emails sent to customers.

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