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App Market - Mailchimp popup


With the Mailchimp popup app, you can create a popup within your site using the embed form provided by Mailchimp. Within the application, you can choose:

  • to activate the popup or not using the "Activate popup" button.
  • which pages to enable the popup on (all pages or only the homepage, the retail page, product page or cart page);
  • the opening time of the popup (e.g. immediately as the user opens the page, or with a delay of a few seconds);
  • to show the popup for every session or hide it for a certain number of days.

Schermata 2018-07-11 alle 09.37.43 You can also enter the title and description. Schermata 2018-07-11 alle 09.38.23 In the last section, you will need to paste the embed form provided by Mailchimp. For more information on how to extract the Mailchimp embed form, visit the special Mailchimp guide.

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