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App Market - Custom Fields on User Pages


This app lets you create custom fields for users.

If a user is registered, his/her data will be saved on his/her client page.
If a client submits an order as a guest, these fields will only be available in the checkout, to then be stored as part of the order's details. For guest users, you can only change the data provided (or preferences) from the order detail page, as the information cannot be stored elsewhere.

The fields that can be created can be of a few different types:

  • simple text
  • checkbox (with the possibility to insert a link)
  • select with options
  • text area
  • date

Once created and configured, these fields can be made visible as specified below.

Front end:
- in the registration form (or in the registration found in the cart) and in the modification section of the user profile.
- just after the conditions of sale during checkout: here you can create fields for guest users, logged-in users or for both.
- on the order detail page, only for orders from guest users, who do not have their own logins.

Guest user data will be visible on the order detail page and cannot be changed by the admin. For registered users, however, user data will be stored on the client page and editable from the "Clients" section.

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