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Returned merchandise request/management


Thanks to Storeden you can create and manage your returned merchandise requests in a really simple and intuitive way.

Request made from the front-end


At any time from the receipt of the order, the customer can request the return  by clicking on the returned goods / substitution request button from his order summary: or /orderID.   By clicking on the button of the order you will be able to open a new return merchandise request indicating the products to be returned, the quantity and the motivation. Once the request is sent, the customer will wait for an acceptance or denial email from the seller. Once the reseller request has been sent, the seller will receive an email with the details of the request and the link to the control panel.


Request made from the back-end

The return merchandise request can also be created by the seller directly from the back office. You can do this from the order detail page by clicking on New Return. The request can be created from the backoffice only when the order finds at least in the Delivered state, alternatively the yield section will not be visible.



Here you have to indicate the product to be returned, the motivation, the quantity and any additional notes.


Return merchandise request management

You can access the Returns management section from the link that arrives by email once the request has been sent. Here you will be able to see the product that is the subject of the return and the seller can add and attach all the necessary documents in order to be able to fulfill the order (labels, policies, documentation etc). The attachments will be inserted in the File >> Documents section (maximum 4 MB per request). It is possible to attach documents directly from your computer.


Pay attention! You can NOT delete the attachments after you have sent your acceptance / denial email.

Schermata 2017-08-31 alle 16.30.25 Finally, you have to enter the status of the request.


In specific:

If the request is set as Denied it will no longer be possible to change the status later, an automatic email will be sent to the customer with the justification of the refusal;

If the request is set as Accepted, the user will receive an email with acceptance and guidelines (various attachments) for the return.

Subsequently, you can change the status in Arrived or Closed. Once the request is set to closed, it will no longer be possible to change the order status.

NB. Refunds do not occur through the return merchandise system. You have to made the refund through the payment gateway that you agree directly with the customer (bank transfer, paypal etc). From the summary section of the RMAs, entering the Settings section, you can enter the default texts as instructions for the accepted RMAs and for the denied RMAs.



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