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Order creation - manual


From the Orders section of your control panel, you can create an order manually for a client by clicking the "Create Order" button.



You will see the following screen, where you can add products from the catalog, or out of the catalog (custom orders). 


By clicking the Select product button, you can select products directly from your catalog:


By clicking the Out of Catalog button, you can add a product that is not in your Storeden catalog. You will be able to enter a product name, quantity, SKU and price.




Once you have added the product, you can select an existing customer or add a new customer and all related data. If the customer is new or not linked to a registered user, the order will be made as a GUEST.




You can choose whether to use the shipping address for billing or not. If not, you can add a different billing address by de-selecting "Use this address also for invoicing". Once you have done this, select the payment method (among those enabled in your control panel) and if the order in question is "pending payment" or "paid".




If the order is in the "pending payment" state, an email will automatically be sent to the customer containing a payment link (only for PayPal or Credit Card payments). The template for the automated email can be customized under Settings > Template Emails > New Manual Order (send payment link to customer). Conversely, if the order is "paid", an order confirmation email will be sent.



Next, you will find a notes section. All notes entered here will be visible to the final customer. Finally, in the last section, there will be a summary of the order.


Hint! Clicking the Discount field lets you add a discount or a discount coupon to apply to the final price.


If you click "Shipping", you can manually add the shipping cost or you can select a shipping method that already exists in your online shop.



 If the selected payment method is the cash on delivery, you can add a surcharge for the cash on delivery payment method chosen.


 By clicking Create Order at the end of the page, the order will be created and the automated emails will be sent to the customer.

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