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Abandoned carts management


If this function is active and provided by your subscription plan, you will be able to view all the carts abandoned by users.

Entering the Marketing > Abandoned Carts section you can:

  • view all the abandoned carts in a chronological order;
  • filter the display by time period (today, yesterday, last 7 days, last 30 days);
  • set the automatic sending of an email for the abandoned cart recovery. Under the menu Settings, you can set the period of time between the abandonment of the cart and the sending of the email for the recovery (eg. after an hour, after two hours, after 12 hours, etc.).

For each abandoned cart, you can:

  • get the link to the cart using the (Schermata_2018-09-13_alle_11.48.36.png) button;
  • delete the abandoned cart using the (Schermata_2018-09-13_alle_11.48.44.png) button

To customize the abandoned cart recovery email, simply under the Settings > Email Templates section of your management panel. For more information, click here.

Pay attention: if the customer, after receiving the email, click on "back to cart" button but he/she does not complete the purchase, a second new notification will not be sent.

Finally, when the system sends the notification to the customer, within the Abandoned Carts section you will see an orange label "notified" for each customer, this means that the cart recovery email has been correctly sent to the customer.

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