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How to change or install a theme in your store


Changing the theme to your store is easy.

When you create your store, a basic theme will be installed that you can customize as you prefer. If you want a different theme or more features, you can search for the most suitable theme in the Themes Store section.

  1. Click on the link (Schermata_2018-09-06_alle_15.09.48.png) at the top of your backoffice and access the Theme Store.
  2. Browse the available themes
  3. When you find the one that fits your needs click on "Install" if it's a free theme, "Buy" if it's a paid theme *.

Once the installation or purchase is successful, the theme is placed in the store but will not be applied yet.

In the Ecommerce> Theme section you will then see the new theme under the main theme under "Other installed themes".


Using the "hamburger" icon (Schermata_2018-09-06_alle_15.06.50.png) you can open the secondary theme menu:

  • View: to preview the secondary theme applied to your store
  • Edit html / css: to make changes to theme files
  • Customize: to configure the theme, customize it to your preferences
  • Archive: to archive the theme if you do not want to manage it
  • Set as main: this function will apply the theme instead of the current one

The themes installed remain always associated with your store, even if archived.

You can customize the secondary themes and make them visible to the public only when they are ready by setting them as the main theme.

* For the purchase of a theme, the payment method set for your Storeden subscription will be used; verify that you have sufficient funds and that you have entered your billing information in the Subscription section.

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