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Image upload


Below you can find some information about loading images of products and variants.

Main product image

The main image of the product must be loaded for each product, clicking on the image box you can select an image from your computer / tablet.



Related Image Product

Related product images can be loaded by clicking on the additional boxes that are enabled after loading the main image. By clicking on the star in the top left of the box the image will be set as main, the remaining images will be correlated.


Pay attention! Images must be loaded by product to prevent the same photo loaded in multiple products from being mistakenly erased from a product and consequently disappears from other products as well. Images of product variants Each product can have multiple variants. Images of variants can be uploaded once the main product's section is compiled by going to "Save and Manage Variants" section.


Variants images can be loaded:

  • By clicking on the image box, they are taken directly from the computer / tablet;
  • By clicking on the icon with the three bars at the top right, you can retrieve a previously loaded image in the File >> Gallery section.

  From the Catalog >> Variants section you can also enter the color variants with a colorful box, as in the example below. By clicking on the color box, the system will display the photo with the selected variant.


 Pay attention! This latest illustrated solution must be supported by your template. For more details or to receive a quotation for this feature, you can write to

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