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Guidelines to customize your theme


In this section, you will learn how to customize themes. This guide is based on the basic theme that is provided when you create your store, but can be considered the basis for understanding how all themes on the Theme Store work.

In this section we'll look at:

Configuration interface

To open the configuration interface, browse to Ecommerce > Theme > Personalize section next to the theme you want to customize.

The configuration interface consists of:

  • Site preview (left)
  • Configurations (right)

When you change the configuration, the preview of your site will be updated. Only once you click "SAVE" will your configuration be saved and visible to users. Click "Site preview" (Schermata_2018-09-06_alle_14.03.53.png ) to see a preview of your site.

In the configurations section, theme customizations are divided into:

  • Section: section configuration, i.e. the current page displayed in the preview
  • General: general configurations

With the "responsive" icon (Schermata_2018-09-06_alle_12.50.50.png) you can apply different screen sizes to the preview, in order to verify how the template will look on tablets and mobile devices.

If you have a multi-language site, the "world" icon (Schermata_2018-09-06_alle_12.52.30.png) lets you preview the display/configurations in the other languages you've enabled. When you change languages, the configuration fields marked with the flag must be filled in with the data in the selected language.

The "hamburger" icon (Schermata_2018-09-06_alle_12.51.31.png) lets you navigate between the standard sections of the site: home, shop, blog, etc., and then activate the section configurations.

With the "restore" icon (Schermata_2018-09-06_alle_14.00.09.png) you can restore one of the last 5 versions of your theme settings or go back to the initial version.

By clicking on theSchermata_2018-09-06_alle_14.05.41.pngbutton, all unsaved configurations will be lost and you will return to the last saved version.

Interfaccia config temi v2

General configurations

By clicking the "General" button at the top right of your configuration screen, you will find the settings that impact the entire theme.

The set of general configurations depends on the theme, but in general they are divided into "Colors", "Font" and "Product preview", grouping the settings by subject.


Clicking on each item will bring up the custom settings. For example, by clicking "Font" we might see:


The "general" settings include the Header and Footer of your e-shop. These can be customized by clicking the "Sections" button at the top as they are the same on all pages of the site. The header and footer may vary from theme to theme.

"Header" configurations usually concern the appearance of the upper part of the site and of the main menu.

"Footer" configurations usually concern the appearance of the lower part of the site.

Section configuration

Section configurations depend on the standard pages that make up a store created with Storeden.

The pages that can be configured are:

  • Home page
  • Shop (product navigation)
  • Cart
  • Product (click on a product preview to see the configurations of the product page)
  • Blog
  • Post (click on a blog post to access the post configurations)
  • About us
  • Contact us
  • Page (custom page)
  • Landing page (custom functionality, if you are interested contact us)
  • Store locator (custom functionality, if you are interested contact us)

These pages can have:

  • Specific configurations, for example, you will find "Shop settings" by opening the product listing. Not all pages can have specific configurations, depending on the theme.
  • A set of sections, also called widgets


In the section configurations, you will find the widgets. These are dynamic components that are used to build site pages. Each theme has its own set of widgets.


Click each widget to position the preview on the corresponding section and open the display of its configurations.

Widgets can be:

  • Moved: drag & drop; use the mouse to drag the widget to the position you want. Widgets cannot be moved before or after fixed sections (header, footer, standard content).
  • Deleted: click the widget and, at the bottom, you will find a red "Remove this section" link
  • Added: click "Add new section" and select the desired widget. Each new widget is added to above of all the others already present.


Note: widgets for pages created under the Ecommerce > Pages section are shared by all pages, as they can be modified through their special editor. The same applies to widgets added to the products.

Sometimes, themes do not involve the option to customize certain elements, or you may need different or new widgets. Don't worry, all our themes are 100% customizable. Send your request to and we will contact you to evaluate your request together.




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