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Product attributes


Product attributes are customizable product fields that can help you better manage your products. These attributes are often used by management to keep track of additional codes, product definitions or internal codes. With Storeden, you can create and manage an unlimited number of product attributes.

Attribute creation

To create an attribute, open the shop management panel, under Catalog > Attributes.


Click "Add" to define the attribute. There are 4 attribute field types (Text, Integer number, Decimal number, list). Below are the definitions for the available field types:

  • Text: You can enter a word or alphanumeric phrase for each product.
  • Integer Number: You can enter a whole number (decimal values are not allowed) for each product.
  • Real Number: You can enter a numeric value for each product, including decimal places.
  • List: You can select a configured value for each product.

Associating an attribute to a product

In the edit/add product page, you can set a value for the attribute you have created.

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Attributes can also be managed through the API (

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