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General settings


In this section, you'll need to fill in data regarding your store. You can enter:

  • the logo and favicon of the store;

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  • the shop title (the name you choose for your store);
  • the business name and the email address (this is the reference email for communications);
  • physical address information: country, zip/postal code, city, province.

Schermata 2017-11-23 alle 09.50.26 In this section, you can enter some basic configurations for your shop. More specifically:

ORDERS - you can set the minimum order amount, decide when to deduct the quantity sold from the inventory count (e.g. when the order is placed - when the order is paid - when the order is shipped). Lastly, you can set a progressive ID for your orders.

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PRODUCTS - You can set the number of products per page/shop, the default classification of the products in the shop and decide if the product's description should be displayed on the Storeden marketplace or not.

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You can even set the search options in your online shop. When the checkpoints are active, the results returned will search the text of the following fields:

  • product title;
  • product description;
  • search by SKU code and/or EAN code;
  • search for the brand name of the products. Caution! In this case, the search will produce consistent results only if the brand name entered is complete and not truncated.

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REVIEWS: You can choose how long after the order is created, you want to send the review request.


OTHER - You can choose how many posts are published per page. Here you can set also some parameters for your online shop. In more detail:

  • Automatic connection: if enabled, Storeden network users are automatically recognized on all stores powered by Storeden (i.e. they don't have to log in);
  • Redirect for products not for sale: if enabled, this feature redirects from products that are not for sale to the main product category;
  • Hide the store name from the tag title: if enabled, the store title will not appear at the end of the SEO title that you've set;
  • Disable automatic language-based redirection: if enabled, users will not be redirected according to their location/language. If it disabled, some feeds may not work properly.


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