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Synchronize your catalog with Amazon


Thanks to the Amazon Product Sync app by Storeden, you can easily import your Storeden catalog to your Amazon merchant account, keeping inventory up to date. Amazon Product Sync by Storeden lets you:

  • upload product details to Amazon (you can choose the title format)
  • upload your price list (you can change your final prices as a percentage and/or a set value from the control panel)
  • upload product images
  • upload available quantities (you set the threshold under which a product is considered 'sold out')
  • download orders to Storeden
  • upload order shipments to Amazon

Essential requirements:

  • You need to be registered as a Vendor on Amazon
  • Your Amazon vendor account needs to be activated
  • Your products need to have EAN code

Note: Product synchronization will occur only for products that are already registered on Amazon. If your product does not have a detail form on Amazon, you need to create it from the Amazon Seller Center. Questions? Contact us!

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