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How to buy a domain through Storeden


Storeden makes available a service for buying domains for each store directly from the control panel. For buying a domain from the control panel you have to enter the section Ecommerce > Domain. Then choose + Buy Domain.-

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A screen will open for choosing the domain name. Inside the field you have to enter the domain name that you want to buy. For buying the domain, e.g. www.mydomain .com you have to enter mydomain and then from the dropdown menu you have to select .com

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Click on "Control availability". The system will verify whether the domain name choose is available or not. If it is not available, an error will be displayed as the name is already registered. If the domain is available a screen will be displayed and then you can continue by inserting your personal data.

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Once all the fields are filled in, click on "Buy domain".*1 The system will handle the request.

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Then, click on "Proceed". The domain has been set correctly to your shop. Within 24 hours the domain will be addressed to your shop correctly and you can set it as principal for your shop. The domain does not include the mailboxes.   

In case a problem occurs during the registration, please contact us via email to: *1 : Control all the inserted data before proceeding. P

ossible changes to the inserted data may require additional costs.

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