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Sell on eBay


This section will explain how the eBay sales channel works.

Account connection

Once you have activated the eBay sales channel from your dashboard, click on Manage to access the dedicated eBay panel.

Make sure you have a valid seller eBay account. The basic requirements are:

  • Have a valid Ebay seller (merchant) account
  • Have created your own eBay store
  • If your account is new and you have never published any listings, first of all you have to create a first listing manually from your eBay account. Without this step, it will not be possible for Storeden to synchronize your products.

Once all the requirements described above are done, you can proceed and link your eBay account to Storeden via eBay Connect.


  1. Select your country of sale (eBay IT, eBay DE, ...)
  2. Click on eBay Connect
  3. Log in
  4. Confirm access by accepting the "consent"
  5. If the login ends successfully, you will be redirected back to Storeden

If your account has a valid eBay store, then the data for the categories you have created, the URL and the store name will be downloaded.

It is possible to connect multiple eBay accounts to multiple sales countries, if you want to manage different markets (selling for example at different prices in other countries)

eBay Dashboard

There are three basic elements in the Dashboard:

  • EBay account: information regarding the account currently in use, indicating the expiry date of the token. Once expired, you will need to re-establish eBay Connect with the same account. It is also possible to unlink the account.
  • Status automatic synchronization (cron) allows to activate:
    • complete synchronization of listings (every 12 hours)
    • inventory synchronization (every 30 minutes)
      • complete (prices and quantities)
      • only prices
      • only quantity
    • order synchronizations (every 10 minutes)
    • the alignment of the status of the listings, if active (once a day).
  • eBay Store: information related to the shop linked to the account, with the summary of the synchronized listings and the orders imported.

eBay panel configuration

To proceed with the configuration, it is important to know the various components of the system:

  • EBay categories: the categories of the eBay site chosen during the initial login phase. The categories have some specific properties called attributes (they depend on the eBay site in use).
  • EBay shop categories: the categories you have created in your eBay store
  • Storeden Categories: the categories you have created in your Storeden shop
  • Attributes: specific properties of the eBay categories, each category has its own attributes.
  • Listings: items for sale on eBay
  • Synchronization: exchange of information between Storeden and eBay for listings and orders.

In general: a Storeden category must be linked to an eBay category. This association is also linked to a category of the eBay store.

When a Storeden category is active for synchronization and correctly configured, the associated products can be published on eBay.

Please refer to the topics below to configure the sales channel step by step.

Common errors of synchronization

Here you can find the most common errors you can encounter in synchronization reports or in the dashboard. If the error you found is not listed, click here to check the error directly in the eBay guide. If it is not present or you are not clear how to proceed, you can always send an alert to

eBay account disconnection

From the eBay dashboard by clicking on the "Disconnect account" button you can proceed with the account removal process.

Proceeding with the operation, your request will be forwarded to the technical department of Storeden which will provide:

  • to remove the linked account
  • to remove all settings and configurations
  • to end all the listings managed by Storeden

After starting the request, your account will be suspended and you will not be able to do anything else.

At the end of the operations, you will receive an e-mail notification.

Pay attention: the procedure is not reversible.


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