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Inside the control panel, you can enter the Orders section.

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In the first section part you can control the outstanding orders (outstanding orders are all the orders that have a status equal or less than "sent"). You can see also the order history through an advanced research and filters that simplify the consultation.

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Using the search button it is also possible to create and save custom searches. For more information click here. By clicking on a order, you can easily see all the details and client data. In addition to that inside the order it is possible to change status by choosing between:

Orders status

Pending payment

Client has not paid yet. In case of payment with bank transfer, the merchant should manually modify the status when he receives the bank transfer.


Client has paid.

In preparation

Insert this setting when the order is managed.


The order has been sent.


Items have been delivered. Users from their orders summary can set the order on "delivered" when it is in status "Sent". After 2 days the order is set on status "delivered", the reviews email is automatically sent to the user.


The delivery of the product has finished its lifecycle. This status is set automatically when users leave reviews to their orders.

Archived / Removed - Cancelled

The order has been cancelled.

After sale

In case the client has found a problem on the item delivered, you can select the after sale status and then the "Closed" status. This status is automatically set if the client sends an aftersale message from his orders summary.       

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