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What can I do with my account?


Your Storeden account lets you buy and sell products within the system, create an e-commerce site, sell through the Facebook shop and the marketplace. In addition, you can buy from all sites associated with the platform. All sites built with Storeden software recognize users automatically via an SSO system.

When a site recognizes the user, data are safe, because they are transmitted to the e-commerce site only when the user decides to make a purchase.

We recommend always reading the privacy policy and terms of use of the sites where you are going to make a purchase, as the data is not processed by us, but by a third party. We have introduced the option to request the seller's terms of sale and privacy policy before placing an order in the marketplace, where not published.

Thanks to your Storeden account, you can access hundreds of online shops in one place. These shops are safely interconnected, as the whole system is protected by https and passwords are encrypted within the system for your safety.

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