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Managing product variants


Product variants will primarily be set within each product page, enabling the "use variants" toggle:


On the page to add the product, you will then find the ‘Use variants’ label.

By choosing YES, a few additional fields will appear.

In the Variant field, enter the title of the product variant (e.g.: Color); in the Options field you can enter the variant values (e.g.: blue, red, yellow). Option values can be entered by clicking the + key or by writing the option in the field and then pressing Enter.

Caution! Some characters are not allowed in the variant title (e.g.: / – ?  _). If you want these characters in the variant title, you can insert them in the variant translations by going to the Translations > Variants section. As for the options, they are separated by a comma and not by other symbols (like / o -). They cannot contain special characters such as: _ underscore (e.g.: lilac_blue) or / slash (e.g.: lilac/blue). At the end of the page you will find two buttons: ‘Save‘ or ‘Save and manage variants‘.

Clicking the second option, you will be able to enter the number of products for each variant, associate an image to the variant, enter the SKU and/or EAN codes and an additional charge, if required.

Finally, in the Catalog > Variants section, you will find all the created variants:



From the Catalog > Variants section you can also enter the color variants via a color box, as in the example below. By clicking on the color box, the system will display the photo with the selected variant.

Schermata 2017-07-18 alle 10.49.11

Caution! The illustrated solution above must be supported by your template. For more details or to receive a quote to add this feature, please write to

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