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How to upload products


Within the CATALOG macro section you will find sub sections that let you configure your items.


Opening the products section, you can add single products manually by using the "Add item" button, or you can import products through a CSV/XML file.


By clicking on the Add Item button, you'll bring up a new product page where you can:

  • upload one or more images of the product. Click the star to set the image as the main image.


  • enter the title, description of the product and any additional product tabs by clicking "Add tab".


For each product you can enter:

  • the SKU code (unique product code), which is the storage identification code of the product. It is requiredeach product needs to have an SKU code;
  • the EAN code (or barcode), this field is not required to sell the product in your e-shop, Facebook shop and Storeden marketplace. However, it is compulsory for synchronizing your products on Amazon and eBay;
  • the MPN code (or manufacturer part number);
  • the initial price and final price; the system calculates possible discounts automatically. E.g. initial price= 100, final price = 80, discount percentage = -20%;
  • Finally, you can select and/or create taxation profiles for the product. You must associate the taxation profile for each product.


For each product, inventory specifications can be defined. In detail:

  • if the product has variants, it is necessary to check the box;
  • if the product is always available (unlimited supply), check the box, otherwise you will be asked to specify the quantity in stock;


  • if the product has minimum purchase quantity rules, check the box. In detail: the minimum quantity identifies the minimum number of items that must purchased by the customer for that product, while the "successive" field indicates the number of pieces that can be added to the cart after the minimum quantity. Example: I can buy a minimum quantity of 4 chairs at a time, after the first 4 chairs I can add others to the cart in groups of 4 at a time.


If you have enabled the use of the variants, you will find a table to fill in below.


In the Variant field, enter the title of the variant (our example: color) and, in the Options field, you can enter the variant values (our example: blue, red, yellow). Caution! Some characters are not allowed in the variant title (eg: / - ?  _). If you want to use such characters in your variant title, you can insert them in the variant translations by going to the Translations > Variants section. As for the options, they are to be separated by a comma and not by other symbols (like / o -), and they cannot contain special characters such as:

- underscore (example: lilac_blue)

- slash (example: lilac/blue)

Once you have completed the variants and the remaining part of the product page, on the right you will find the "Add product" button. Click here to fill in all variant combinations with: SKU, EAN, any additional cost for the variant, weight/volume, and a relative image.


Returning to the product, you can finish filling in all the information. More specifically, you can:

  • combine the product with an existing category in the store and/or create a new category;


  • you can apply previously-created filters or create and combine new ones (click here for more details on how to manage filters).;


  • any attributes previously created in the Attributes section can be applied. To use this feature, you need to have it activated in your subscription plan.


  • Once this has been done, you can enter the weight and size parameters of the product, useful for the final calculation of the shipping cost. By activating the "free shipping" button, the product will always have free shipping once added to the cart. Click here for more details on setting up shipments for your products.


In the last part of the product info page, you can add an SEO title, SEO keywords and description.


Finally, in the right-hand column, you will find the summary of the data entered for the product and preview it.


Here you can:

  • set the status of the product: 
    • On sale means that the product is active and visible on the site;
    • Featured means that the product is visible in the carousel of featured products;
  • add tags to the product (click here for more details on tags)
  • match the brand/manufacturer.
  • Finally, the performance section contains some statistical data: how many times the product was purchased, the number of reviews for the product and how many times it was added to the wishlist.


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