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Custom search feature


Thanks to the custom search function it is possible to perform searches and keep them saved in the control panel. Custom searches can be made and saved in the sections: Clients, Orders, Products, Coupons. Let's see how this function works.

Products section

Entering the Catalog >> Products >> Search section you can start a specific search which can then be saved for future use. An example: search for all products whose availability is less than or equal to 2:


Once the search has been performed, the "Save search" button will appear, allowing you to save and name the search parameter for future similar searches.


At any time it is possible to delete the search parameter using the "Delete saved search" button.


Orders section

Also within the Orders section of the control panel it is possible to make and save personalized searches. An example (all orders canceled in the two-month period 01/01-01/03):


 Once the search is done, it is possible to rename it and save it for future use.


Clients section

From the Clients section you can perform specific research to identify customers. An example (all customers who have placed orders for a total greater than € 300):


Once the search is done, it is possible to rename it and save it for future use.


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