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Amazon Pay


Storeden offers Amazon Pay as a payment method. Amazon Pay lets you pay on websites with the information stored in your Amazon account. For more details, please visit to configure Amazon Pay. Under the Settings >> Payments >> Amazon Pay section, you can set up your Amazon Pay payment method (you must have an Amazon Pay account).


Click the 'Configure' button to start the wizard.


In this section, you can choose between various options:

Environment (production/sandbox): Set the payment to active (production) or test mode (sandbox). With the latter, you will not receive actual payments.

Zone (Europe/United States): Accept payments for Europe or the United States.

System (Login & Pay/Pay): With the Login & Pay system, your customers can use an Amazon account to register with your web store, as well as make payments. By setting the system to 'Pay' mode, your customers can make purchases with an Amazon account, but not register with your web store.

Checkout Type (Payment during order/during shipment): This feature allows you to configure the payment system to receive the sum of the order at the time the order is confirmed (payment during order) or to receive payment when the order is shipped (payment upon shipment). On the next screen, you'll need to paste the configuration keys provided by Amazon Pay:


To get Amazon Pay configuration keys, connect to the Amazon Pay seller panel. Then select Integration >> MWS Access Key.



From the page that opens, click 'Copy your keys'.



Select all the text that is displayed on the window that opens, including the brackets. Pay attention! Before generating and copying the MWS access key, make sure you have completed the configuration procedure for your site and that the keys include "client_id" and "client_secret". If these they are missing, check the guide at the bottom of the page that tells you how to complete the procedure.:



Enter the keys copied from Amazon Pay in the Storeden configuration page, then click 'Configure'.



If the pasted keys are correct, the configuration window closes and all that's left to do is click 'Save' at the end of the page. Then, set up the URL necessary for the operation on the Amazon Pay seller panel: from the Integration> MWS Access Key page, click the link in the box.



Set the values as in the image below. Note: remember to replace with the domain of your store.



Seller website URL:

Integrator URL:  


How to complete the registration procedure with Amazon Pay

Open the Amazon Pay panel in the Amazon Pay Login section and complete the profile with this information:


  • Store name
  • Store Description
  • Link to the privacy policy

Once completed, click 'Save'. Then open the Web Settings section and click 'Edit'.

In the Allowed JavaScript Origin section, you can enter the link to your site, while in the Allowed Returned URL section you can enter Finally, click 'Save' to save the information entered!


The integration with Amazon Pay is complete!

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