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Facebook Ads Extension


Thanks to the new Facebook Ads Extension, it is very easy to install the Facebook Pixel and publish the Storeden product catalog on Facebook. This function lets you promote all your products simultaneously instead of creating individual ads. Let's look more in detail about how to proceed with the configuration. Enter the Marketing > Facebook Ads Extension section of your management panel. By clicking "Get Started", you'll start the setup process. 




Below you is the Facebook screen that launches the guided process:





By clicking Next, you can select the Facebook page to use:




Select a page, such as Storeden Test, to proceed to the next step, where you will select the tracking Pixel. If not already installed on the site, the FB Tracking Pixel option in Storeden will be automatically activated.




By clicking Next, you will be brought to the summary page, where the number of products is displayed.




By clicking Finish, you will receive confirmation that the transaction successfully concluded.




Once the process is complete, you can close the window. The Storeden page will update by displaying the "Manage Settings" button instead of Get Started.





Under Settings > Analytics, you will find the correct, updated Facebook Pixel:



Finally, by logging on to you can see the catalog being uploaded and prepare your sponsored campaigns.

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