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Common eBay synchronization errors


In this section we present the common mistakes you can find in the eBay application reports in reference to the listings.

If the error you found is not in the list below, click here to check the error directly in eBay.

If your error is not listed or you can not find it in the eBay guide, send an e-mail to for assistance.

The reports are visible in the dedicated eBay section Synchronizations > Reports.

Synchronization actions:

  • add: listing to add / add
  • revise: listing to be updated / updated
  • end: listing to close / close
  • relist: listing to reopen / reopen

Pay attention to these aspects when a product does not publish / update in eBay:

  • a product may be associated with more than one Storeden category. In this case, we advice you to enable product synchronization in only one category, to avoid any problem with attribute settings.
  • if you create a product with 2 variants (eg. yellow, red) and publish it in eBay, then you will not be able to remove variants but only to add them (eg. yellow, red, green). If the yellow will no longer be sold, the variant must never be canceled but it will be enough to make it available to zero. Otherwise, the listing will no longer be updated.
  • Even if the listings are "Good Till Cancelled", so without an expiry date, if they are not updated (due to errors or lack of automatic sync activation) eBay can close the listing autonomously in general after 90 days of inactivity.


Error 3003: The user must be registered to the eBay Store

This error appears when you do not have activated the eBay account into the eBay store, you have to activated it directly from the eBay panel.

Error 21916585: Custom Label of duplicated variant 

In this case you have to verify that your products do not have SKU or EAN duplicated.

Error 21919301: Missing EAN field. Add EAN to the ad and try again. If you are using an app for mobile, make sure you have version 5.1 or later.

You must verify that the EAN of products or supplied in variants are available and respect the EAN format. Here a valuable aid to control EAN If an EAN does not respect the agreed format, Ebay considers it missing and returns the 21919301 error.

Error 21916565:Listings with variants must include at least one variant 21916664 - The specifications of the variants provided does not match the specifications of the object variants.

If you find either of these errors, you must verify that you have saved the product via the button "save and manage variants" if your product is with "variants." So that the declaration of the variants corresponds with the combinations actually present.

Error 73: Enter a valid price for the object (for example, EUR 1.00)

Prices must always be greater than 0.

Error 21919303 - Missing the specific object on the MPN field. Add the MPN field to this listing, please enter a valid value and try again

You must check:

  • whether the attribute is associated properly in the section Configurations> Attributes or not;
  • if you have provided the data into the product page.

Error 21916603: You can not change the specifications of the variants while editing with restrictions

As in the indication given at the top, you can not remove variants after synchronizing a product. You can add options, but variants must maintain the same type of structure.

Error 50039/21916112: The mark can only be used if you choose as a payment method

The error text is badly translated from Ebay. It indicates that you must select another shipping service among those offered by eBay that supports the cash on delivery (not all shipping services accept this mode). An alternative is to remove the cash on delivery from the accepted payment methods in general or in the category of product.

Error 71: No data entered regarding where the object is located. The relevant field allows buyers to determine the shipping costs of the item and must always be completed

ZIP code is not recognized by Ebay to establish the country of origin of the product. Try another ZIP code.

Error 21919034:You must accept the International Sales Agreement before you can sell this item on another site different from where you are registered or with international shipping options.

If you do not want to accept this agreement, you can only sell the item on the site where you registered and you will have to choose the options for shipping locally in this tool before sending the listing again. Go to to accept the terms.  If you have activated international shipments, and you get this error, it means that you have to enable your Ebay account for international sales.

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