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Permission settings


In this section you can give access to other people to manage your sales system. Permissions can be partial, so you can activate or deactivate the view of particular sections or parts of the management panel. To give a new access click on "Add role" and enter the email address to which you want to provide access permission. Schermata 2017-02-10 alle 10.35.21 Once the permission is added, the system will send an email with a link to follow to confirm access. If the user is already registered, he/she has to log in if he/she is not already logged in. Conversely, if the user is not registered, he/she must register with the email address associated with the permission request. Once done, from the management panel you can enable and / or disable certain sections of the control panel. Specifically:

  • full access means that the user has access to the entire management panel, without restrictions;
  • restricted access means that the user has access only to certain sections of the management panel. The user can therefore only see the sections that have been enabled.


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