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Thanks to the translation section, you can translate your e-shop and product descriptions into the different languages supported by the platform (IT - EN - FR - DE - ES). First, you'll need to enable the languages of your store from the Settings > Localization section. Then, from the Tools > Translation section, you will be able to translate the product form, categories, filters, variants, pages, template e-mails, product tabs, and even the privacy terms and conditions. First, click the language you want to translate (e.g. Spanish), then click "Translate". The title, description, contents and SEO text will automatically be translated as far as the product form, pages and categories are concerned.

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If you wish to use the DeepL or Google Translator API automatic translation systems, you will also find the respective buttons allowing you to use these two services: Schermata 2018-07-02 alle 09.51.37

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