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Braintree configuration

Storeden allows to merchants to use Braintree as payment gateway. For using the checkout with Braintree you need to have:
  • An active Braintree account
  • Administrator access to the Braintree account
You have to configure these data: Public Key, Private Key, Environment, Merchant ID. For seeing the assigned data you have to connect on Braintree and follow the roadmap Account > My User > View Authorizations Schermata 2016-09-16 alle 09.50.34   These information need to be included into the control panel into the section Settings > Payments > Braintree Schermata 2016-09-16 alle 10.04.00   Sandbox is used for purchase and setting. It is not to transfer money. In order to publish the shop the environment needs to be set on Production and the inserted keys related to the production environment.
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