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Selling on Facebook


Facebook has recently changed its API. This means that only people who have more than 2,000 fans on their Facebook page can add the SHOP TAB to their profile. Below you will find the procedure to configure your shop tab. To enable your Facebook page, first you need to go to the Sales Channels section, then Facebook (from your control panel). Then, click Configuration. Schermata 2017-02-10 alle 11.41.00 To combine your Storeden back-office with your Facebook page, just click the blue button "+ Add store to your Facebook page" (this works with company pages, not with private user profiles). Once done, you will be taken directly to Facebook, where (after you have logged on as the administrative user) you must select which Facebook page to install the the application on (by repeating the process, you can associate as many pages as you want). Schermata 2017-02-10 alle 11.42.32 Now Facebook will bring you back to the news section. To check if it has installed properly, you will need to open your page. At this point the SHOP application will be installed. To complete the synchronization, simply open the app, where you will be asked to enter a security code. The security code is provided by Storeden directly in the back-office. It is called the "assigned Facebook code".


Following these simple steps, the shop should now be installed on the selected Facebook page. 

Managing the BUY NOW button on Facebook 

You can change the position of the link to your shop by managing the Facebook tabs.


We recommend placing the link in a prominent, highly-visible position so that users can more easily make purchases from your page. From the page's general settings, you can also change the name of the app and its image, by clicking on the 'Settings' tab.


That way you can rename the app (we recommend 'shop online') and customize the image.

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