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Setting up PayBox payments


To receive payments through the PayBox gateway, you must connect to with your PayBox username and password. After the guided account configuration, all the parameters required for the account will be provided. Schermata 2016-02-15 alle 11.47.32   Site The ID is tied to your account: it must be entered in the PayBox Site ID field when configuring the control panel. Rank Number is the code that you should insert into the PayBox Rank field. PayBox ID is the code that you should insert into the PayBox ID field. To complete the configuration, you'll need to generate a security key from the PayBox control panel. Schermata 2016-02-15 alle 11.47.55   Once you have entered a passphrase that respects PayBox standards, click "Generate Key" to create a string, which will appear in the key field. This key should be copied and pasted into the PayBox configuration security key field. Once the settings are saved, the PayBox payment method will be correctly enabled into your Storeden shop.

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