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How to configure products to publish them on eBay


In order to publish products on eBay, first you must associate them to eBay categories, following the steps in the order described here:

  1. Configure and associate eBay categories
  2. Associate the attributes
  3. Associate the categories of the eBay store
  4. Customized configurations for specific products
  5. Customized listing templates

Configure and associate eBay categories

From the Configurations > Categories section, you can associate your store categories with eBay categories to create a match.

In order to publish a product from your catalog on eBay, you need to:

  1. Associate a product category with an eBay category (the final category must be used, products cannot be sold under an intermediate category)
  2. Verify that the product in the eBay category is selected
  3. Activate automatic category synchronization
  4. Set any price changes, which will be applied to all products within the category
  5. Set the processing time (preparation for shipping), which will be applied to all products within the category

Please note: Products can be published in one eBay category only, so if a product is associated with more than one Storeden category, a warning message will appear.


Once the corresponding eBay category is associated, the "Properties of the selected category" button will appear. Clicking it will bring up some additional information:

  • if EAN and the product condition are mandatory, the products must have this information in order to be published;
  • the product conditions available for eBay for the selected category;
  • the payment methods accepted by eBay for the selected category;
  • if the "Purchase offer" option can be activated for the selected category.

Associate the attributes

For each Storeden shop category associated with an eBay category, you also need to associate the attributes via the Configurations > Attributes section.

Attributes are 'owned' by eBay categories, which are associated with the specific properties of your products in Storeden. When a product is synchronized, the value of the Storeden property for that product is sent as the value of the equivalent eBay attribute.

For example, if you are publishing in a category that requires the "Material" attribute, you could associate this attribute with a filter, such as "Textile", that you created in your store. This filter should contain information on the material of the product. A filter option must be associated with the product in order to send the information to eBay.

There are various types of attributes:

  • Mandatory: indicated by a red asterisk. These attributes must be combined with a Storeden property and the products must also include a value for that property.
  • Standard: you can associate any property and can have any value; optional.
  • Fixed: offers values that correspond to those accepted by eBay.

You can associate three types of Storeden properties:

  • Product properties: SKU, EAN, weight, dimensions
  • Brand: the brand name set in Storeden for the product will be sent to eBay
  • Filter: in this case, the value of the filter associated with the product will be sent to Storeden

In the example above, if "Cotton" is associated with the product under the "Textile" filter, then "Cotton" will appear in eBay in the "Material" attribute for the product.


Associate the categories of the eBay store

From the Configurations > Store categories section:

  • Choose the default category of the Storeden store in which to publish listings (in case there is no associated category)
  • Associate each active Storeden category with a category in your eBay store to be used for synchronization.

When you add categories on the eBay control panel, you need to click the "Re-download the categories" link in order to update the list of categories on Storeden.


Customized configurations for specific products

From the Configurations > Products section, you can change some properties for individual products. Once you select one of the proposed Storeden categories in the drop-down menu, all associated products will appear.

You can customize them by inserting different values with respect to the reference category:

Listing titles will always be limited to 80 characters.

Please note: eBay does not let you change the conditions of the items when a listing approaches the expiry date or when there is a purchase offer in progress.

Customized listing templates

In the Configurations > Templates section, you can manage the models (templates) that will be used for the content of your listings. Items surrounded by braces {} will be replaced with product data when present.

The description template can also be edited via HTML using the provided editor, offering maximum freedom to customize as you like.

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