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CSV products Import/Export


Here you can find a guide to complete the csv file properly. The csv columns should be separated by ; (semicolon) and the text delimited by ". Columns shown hereunder should maintain their position and sorting.

SKU (Stock Keeping Unit): Product univocal code. If the code is already present in your e-commerce, the product will be overwritten with the new data.

NAME: Product's title

DESCRIPTION: Product's description

PRICE: Product's list price

FINALPRICE: Product's final price

STOCKCOUNT: Product's stock or quantity

UNLIMITED: If enter 1, the system do not manage the quantity of the product and it can be sold unlimited times. If enter 0, the availability will depend on the field StockCount.

USEVARIANTS: Set the field at 1 if you are going to use variants.

VARIANTS: Variants available for that product (e.g. color::red|blue|yellow#size::42|44, it means that the product will have three colors [red, blue, yellow] and two size [42,44]). 

Enter all variant combinations, then following our example:

red color - size 42

red color - size 44

blue color - size 42

blue color - size 44

yellow color - size 42

yellow color - size 44

VARIANTSVALUE: Defines the quantity and the additional price for the combined variants. Each variant combination must be defined: COMBINATION | QUANTITY | ADDITIONAL CHARGE | SKU | EAN | URL_IMAGE # ...

The # (hash) character separates a combination from the next. No spaces are allowed.

The character | (pipe) separates the properties of the combination and must be maintained even when a data is not present.

Combination: the superkey of the options in the current combination. For example: if we are in the red color, size S the superkey will be: red_s If I have only one variant, the superkey is the key to the option: red

Quantity: the available quantity of the combination (leave zero 0 if the product has unlimited quantities)

Additional charge: additional charge of the combination (will be added to the product price, optional, it can be 0)

SKU: unique code of the combination (optional)

EAN: EAN of the combination (optional)

Image URL: url of the image of the combination (optional, the URL must be reachable from the network to be downloaded) - No URL from local PC.

CATEGORYTREE: Category tree to which I assign the product. If categories do not already exist, they will create automatically by the system.

SOCIALCATEGORYID: Insert the id category of the marketplace. Here you can find the updated list of the social categories .

BRAND: Product's brand. If it is not already insert on the system, it will be automatically created.

WEIGHT: Kg weight of the product.

W: Length in cm of the packaging (used for calculating the shipping cost)

H: Height in cm of the packaging (used for calculating the shipping cost)

Z: Depth in cm of the packaging (used for calculating the shipping cost)

PARAMETERS: Filters set from the control panel (e.g. color|1#discounted|0 it will apply the filters color and discounted)

IMAGES: Image URL reachable via http for assigning the product's principal image and the related images. Images will be separated by "|" (e.g. link_principal|link_related1|link_related2).

TAGS: Insert tags for your product separated by ","

FACEBOOKENABLE: If set on 1 the product will be visible on the Facebook showcase while if set on 0 it will not be visible.

SEOTITLE: Product's SEO title

SEODESCRIPTION: Product's SEO description

SEOKEYWORDS: Product's meta keywords

FREE_SHIPPING: If set in 1 the product will have free shipping. If set in 0 the product will enter on the shipping cost calculation.

EAN13: Insert EAN13 code or EAN8 code of the product. This code will be used, if required, during the synchronization with external marketplace (e.g. Amazon, eBay etc.)

MPN: Manufacturer Part Number. Used during sync with 3rd-party marketplace.

VISIBLE: Set field with 1 to make product visible on your storefront. Otherwise set to 0 to hide product from storefront. Here you can find a file by a way of example: Click here to download it

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