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How to create and manage menu


With Storeden it is possible to freely create and manage the menus or groups of links to be inserted in the site, called navigation or menulist.

To set them you must enter the E-commerce section > Menu management> Add Menu of your management panel. The menus can then be used within the theme of the store.

Create a new menu:

  1. Enter the Ecommerce> Menu Management
  2. Click on "Add Menu"
  3. Enter the title and a brief description on the menu (for internal use)
  4. Enter menu items
  5. Click on "Save"



A menu can consist of a set of links or submenus.

By clicking on "Add link to navigation" you can add a menu item. Use the "Link Type" menu to select what type of link you need:

  • link to a page
  • link to a blog post (remember to insert a label to the menu item, which will replace the post title in the menu)
  • link to a brand
  • link to a category
  • link to a product
  • insert a submenu (previously created)
  • URL

Except in the case of URL, where you will type the link,  a drop-down menu will appear where you can select the element you want to link to the menu, based on the type of link chosen.

When you enter a URL, some common URLs can be useful:

  • / blog - homepage of your blog
  • / about-us - page we're taking
  • / contact-us - contact page

Schermata 2017-09-15 alle 17.38.39



Schermata 2017-09-15 alle 17.38.39  


There are some special cases:

  • Blog post: you select a post among those proposed,
  • Page: select a page. In the site, by default, subpages will appear.

Menus can not be used in multiple languages, but a different menu must be created for each language.

Their use must be foreseen in the themes. Menus are set by theme configurations, in sections where they are given the option. For example, you can find configurations of this type, where you are asked to select a main menu for the site in Italian and one for English (by clicking the English flag at the bottom in the configurations of the theme).


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