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Danea EasyFatt


Non-expert users

Thanks to the synchronization between Danea EasyFatt software and the Storeden platform, publishing items in your online shop has never been so easy! Here's how to sync them in three simple steps: 1) Connect to your control panel ( and take note of your token (API access) which is shown under: Settings > Remote Access Schermata 2017-03-03 alle 15.09.06 2) A pop-up with the secret code associated to the shop will appear: Schermata 2017-03-03 alle 15.10.27 3) In Danea, under Tools > E-commerce > Update products (in the Settings section), enter the url and, as the password, enter the token code you previously copied.

To enable the download of the orders received in your online store, browse to Tools ≥ E-commerce ≥ Download orders (in the settings section) and set the url: and, as the password, the token code you previously copied.

Schermata 2015-02-03 alle 15.48.11

Your Danea management software is now configured properly, making it possible to manage your Storeden products directly from your desktop.

Schermata 2015-02-03 alle 15.48.26  

If synchronization errors occur, please contact us via e-mail: with the subject line "XML Danea".

PRO/Expert users

Users who want to customize the synchronization, can install the Danea Easyfatt App from the App Market. Please note that this guide requires a deeper understanding of Danea software. If you are not an expert, use the procedure described above.

  1. Product feed Log in to Danea, browse to Tools > Ecommerce > Update Products and enter the URL provided by the App in the "Publication Web Address" field.
  2. Order Feed Log in to Danea, browse to Tools > Ecommerce > Download Orders and enter the URL provided by the app in the "Web Address" field.
  3. For authentication (requested in Danea), then copy and paste the login and password provided by the app.
  4. Settings  
    • Categories: You can decide how synchronization occurs with regard to categories:
      • Synchronize: Use categories in Danea to build and update categories in Storeden;
      • Do not synchronize: categories will be managed independently by the Storeden backoffice;
      • Connect: Storeden categories and Danea categories will be connected.
  5. Product Description
  • Synchronize from Danea: uses descriptions entered Danea; overwrites the descriptions if they are modified in Storeden.
  • Keep Storeden descriptions: does not overwrite descriptions, it is possible to edit them in Storeden, and keep them without the update changing them.

6. Discounted price list: Select the price list in Danea for discounted prices

7. Free Shipping: Set the attribute that is used in Danea to indicate products with free shipping. The field must be either YES or NO.

8. Filters: For each filter in the Storeden catalog, set the corresponding field in Danea, with which the Storeden filter will be matched.

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