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How to create and manage pages


Adding personalized pages is very simple and fast.

  1. Connect to the E-commerce > Pages section
  2. Click the "add page" button
  3. Enter the contents of the page
  4. Click on "Add page"

You can give a title to the page and thanks to a text editor you can insert any content, links, tables, images and embed videos already published on YouTube.

How can I post a YouTube video on the page?

By clicking on the YouTube icon (Schermata_2018-09-07_alle_16.43.19.png), a mask opens in which you can enter the URL directly of the video on youtube and set all the display parameters.

How can I insert images in the text of the page?

By clicking on the image icon (Schermata_2018-09-07_alle_16.43.14.png) the image URL can be inserted with the corresponding display settings.

How can I insert a link on the page?

By clicking on the link icon (Schermata_2018-09-07_alle_16.43.27.png) you can enter an url es. another page, a category, a section of the site or a pdf file (previously uploaded in the File >> Documents section).

Through the themes, the pages can be inserted in different sections of the site, for example as a link in the footer or as a link in a navigation menu.

If the page is inserted in a navigation menu, the option "Add link to the main menu" must be activated.

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