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In this section you can manage the renewal of the plan. You can insert also the invoicing data. The plan section includes these items:


In this section all the details related to your plan are summarized. You can also enter and modify your credit card number or your PayPal account that is required for each renewal. Clicking on the button "Renew license" you can manually renew the shop's plan. Clicking on the button "manage payment method" you can connect / modify your inserted credit card and / or paypal account. Finally, clicking on "Edit" next to the billing information section you can modify the inserted data. From this section you can see the current subscription and deactivate it by selecting the button "remove store". Once deactivated the store, all the data and contents will be permanently cancelled.


Here you can see the list of all the invoices related to your plan and/or fees.

Commissions and transactions

Here you can find all the fees and transactions occurred.

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