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App Market - CB Cashback World


The CB Cashback World application allows you to track orders placed in your eCommerce by inserting pixels.

The configurable data inside the app are:

  • the organization ID (provided by Cashback World),
  • the URL and redirect URL of the site that will be used by CB Cashback World to generate the identifiers useful for the correct functioning of the pixel,
  • one or more event IDs to be associated with one or more eCommerce product categories (event IDs are provided by Cashback World).

If you only have one event ID, you can automatically select all eCommerce categories by checking the "Every category" checkbox.

In order to work, an event ID must be associated with at least one category.

You can also enable/disable the insertion of pixels into your eCommerce site by checking the "Enable tracking" checkbox.

Configure the app data and press the "Save" button.

You won't need to do anything else. The Cashback World pixels will be automatically inserted in the order confirmation pages.

Warning: in order to work, tracking must use the progressive order ID, to be activated in Backoffice > Settings > General Settings, Orders section.


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