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Orden products


To manage the order of the products go to "Settings" > "General settings" and enter in "Products". This will change the order of views in the page "/shop", where there are all the products of the webpage, in the webpage "category" and "products". This function is not available for the widget on the graphic theme. 


How to organize the products in the category

From the "Catalog" > "Categories" click on the name of corresponding category and click on "Products" at the top right.



Now, use the black arrows on the left of the products, drag the product and choose the order that you prefer.




Custom order one or more categories 

If you need to apply a custom order to one or more categories, in the general settings choose one of the default order, i.e. "Recent products" and act where you desire. Go into "Catalog" > "Categories", click "Edit" in the category you want to modify, select "Products sorting" from the drop down menu, click on "Products" on the top right and drag the products in the desired order. Remember to save the modifications.


The custom order is not available in the full list of the products (url "/shop") because it is not a category but a grouping of all products of your shop.

If you want to show all of your products in a page and to custom the order, we suggest to create a common category, i.e. "General", and to link the products to this category. Delete the page "/shop" from the homepage and replace it with the category page "General". To custom the menu of your webpage click here.

The order is available to the products for a specific category. Match the products from the sub-categories for a completed order. The custom order cannot be considered in the filtered navigation, that is a research from the user through category filter, producer or other filter used.


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